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Scenic Bear Viewing

Scenic Bear Viewing Tours from Homer, Alaska



Experience a breathtaking scenic flight to Katmai or Lake Clark National Park in one of our 5-passenger seat bush planes. Then enjoy a professionally guided hike to see free roaming brown bears/Grizzlies in their natural habitat. Bear viewing is the #1 activity in Alaska.


This is our video that went viral and still is going viral.

Don’t worry we don’t get charged like this often. One time in 9 yrs.

a brown bear sitting on top of a lush green field

When you visit the Alaskan wilderness and see bears in their domain, it can be a soul charging experience that will last a lifetime. People tell us it was highlight of their Alaskan vacation.

a small plane sitting on top of a mountain

The Scenic Bear Viewing crew, Matthew, Martin, Sam and Dylan. Between Martin and Dylan we have 17,200 hours of flight experience. Experience means safety in aviation.

a couple of elephants that are standing in the water

We fly to wild remote beaches on the coast of Alaska. There are no large crowds of people where we go. We also practice leave no trace behind. Our fuel storage tank is even solar powered.


Scenic Bear Viewing

What a great day! Martin is an excellent guide and pilot. Beautiful flight over and back with a tour of the mountains on the return trip. Several hours on the ground, got up close (15 feet or so) to several brown bears that were digging for clams on the beach. We recommend Martin 100%!

– Lou S. | Tripadvisor
Scenic Bear Viewing
Amazing Experience

What an amazing experience. First off, Martin is an exceptional pilot. Secondly, he definitely has some sort of connection with the bears. They are at ease around him which allows you to get closer then you'd expect. I cannot say enough good things about this trip and it was worth every penny. If you are looking to book a trip to see bears, look no further.

– Danielle F. | Tripadvisor
Scenic Bear Viewing
Up close and personal

My husband and I recently went on the bear sighting tour. Within 5 minutes of landing we walked out to a mama and two cubs. The cub put on a great show for us and got within a couple feet of us. Martin is very knowledgeable about the bears and told is exactly what to do. I felt calm and comfortable with in his care. This is a one in a lifetime experience. The bear just ate clams while we watched. Martin took us out despite the not so great weather. Even in the rain we had a great time. We will do it again. Worth the money.

– Vanessa B. | Tripadvisor
Scenic Bear Viewing
Simply fantastic

When we got to the hanger Martin gave us quite an extensive briefing about the plane we were going to fly in and the Bears we were going to see , he was extremely knowledgeable about the Bears that we saw on the mud flats today . one of the highlights was flying by a snow covered volcano and then landing on the beach . The mother bears and her cubs would walk right by us , it was an outstanding trip

– Ggrund3 | Tripadvisor
Scenic Bear Viewing

Our family joined Martin on June 25th. Everything about it was awesome. He is passionate about the bears and very knowledge. The flight over is beautiful. I took more pictures on this tour that the rest of the time i was in Alaska combined. You can not go wrong with this experience.

– DownEastGuideService | Tripadvisor