1/2 Day Bear Viewing (5-7 hours)

05/10/2017 - 9/20/2017 - $695 pp

 $665 pp (4 or more) 

(Booking System adds $30 for "taxes and fees")

(No taxes or fees for telephone orders 1-907-884-2655)

(50% deposit accepted on telephone orders only)

We accept all cc, check, PayPal.

Premium Bear Viewing Trip

(8-11 hrs)

05/10/2017 - 9/20/2017 - $1195 PP


Two Awe-Inspiring Bear viewing choices

At Scenic Bear Viewing, we take bear viewing seriously. Hop on and take a magnificent flight in a bush plane and we’ll take you to the best locations in the world for Alaska Grizzly bear watching and amazing photography. Our grizzly bear tours cater to both wildlife photographers and wildlife viewers. We offer some of the most affordable bear watching tours in Alaska. Come enjoy the remote pristine wilderness of Katmai National Park, Lake Clark National Park and more.

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Bear Viewing

Martin with clients from Kazakhstan

Captain Bryan

     and son

Scenic Bear Viewing is a unique travel activity based in Homer Alaska. Known for its top notch, personalized, Alaskan Brown Bear tours. You pilot/guide Martin or Bryan will keep you safe on your unforgettable dream safari. You are guaranteed to see Bears. 

Martin has been flying for 30 yrs, 12,500 hours, 16 yrs in Alaska all with a perfect safety record. 

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